How to Choose the Right Payroll Service for Your Business May 11, 2018

Any work with employees must pay salaries to pay their employees. Many companies today choose online payroll service to make this process easier and more convenient.

Internet wage management services work in the cloud. They do not require the installation or maintenance of any software and companies can manage and execute salaries from anywhere. They can be used to pay full-time and part-time employees, as well as contractual and independent employees.

If you’re looking for a payroll service online in Australia in 2018,  here’s all you need to know about payroll services on the Internet and how to choose them.

What do wage management services offer on the Internet?

Online salary usually includes many services:

Salary processing:

Online salary management services automatically calculate the amount of salary required for each pay period. The systems take into account shift differences, overtime, paid leave and taxes, as well as deductions from social insurance and subsidies. They then make payments to employees via direct deposit, prepaid debit cards or paper checks.

Taxes on payment and payment of salaries:

These services can withhold taxes from employees, quarterly reports on payroll taxes and tax deductions paid to state and federal agencies. They also produce W-2 and 1099 modules for employees at the end of the year.

New Employee Reports:

Many payroll service report new employees to the government on behalf of the user.

Paid vacation management:

Many of these services manage paid holidays, determining the number of vacation time and leave that employees have accumulated and how much they have used.

Self-service employees. Typically, employees can log in to the system to view payment stubs, PTO balances, and tax forms at the end of the year.

Mobile Access Many systems offer mobile applications or mobile websites that allow companies to manage and manage their paychecks from smartphones or tablets.

Salary reports:

Detailed reports on salaries and the work of your department can give you a more detailed overview of how the company works.

The biggest advantage of online payroll payments is that all the calculations for work – the calculation of salaries, the payment of taxes on salaries, and the tax forms at the end of the year and so on. – for you it’s complete. With these systems, wages usually start within minutes.

The downside is that the use of online salary management services is more expensive than managing payroll. You also trust your payroll service provider so that everything works properly. If the supplier has made a mistake, there may be an outbreak of angry employees or government fines.

How much does the salary cost?

The cost of salary management services varies, but most of them follow a standard price structure: a basic package invoiced for a month or a payment period. With payroll providers, you are charged every time you sign up for a salary, and monthly suppliers provide an unlimited number of jobs each month.

Some sellers offer different rate plans for different levels of payroll service. For example, a basic plan can include only wage management, while more advanced and expensive plans can also include tax payments and printing of W-2 forms for employees.

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Payroll Fraud – A Big Threat and How to avoid it February 7, 2018

Payroll service Fraud is a problem for just about any payroll director. Make no oversight about it.  Based on the Relationship of Certified Scam Examiners, it is the #1 source of accounting scam and employee theft. A lot more than 11% of work environment frauds entail payroll, and the average loss of such fraud is $48,000. What’s even more shocking is the common scheme proceeded to go undetected for practically 36 months.

Here we make clear payroll service fraud plans and methods and preventing them:

Payroll Schemes

The most common ways of payroll service fraud will be the creation of fictitious employees (‘ghost’ employees), submission of deceptive or inflated expense reports and proclaim straight time or overtime hours for work not performed. The most important risk of major loss is thought to be these ‘ghost’ employees.

Ghost Employees

Also common and potentially destructive to business, the system is usually created by a worker with access to payroll service data or someone having the ability to create false employee records. Repayments are created for deposit into a selected bank account the perpetrator, or a confederate has usage of. If direct deposit is not used, a worker intercepts checks and has them cashed and deposited.

Preventative Controls

You must build internal controls that want to part of payroll responsibilities. Here is a list of procedures to use:

  • Workers who create or maintain payroll data and records should not be allowed to make changes or add employees without management endorsement.
  • Two specified individuals should approve payroll changes.
  • People who compute pay rates and gathered hours for payroll should not be permitted to write payroll checks or submit the hours for payment by way of a payroll service without supervisory acceptance.
  • Have payroll accounts reconciled regular monthly and analyzed by management.
  • Audit payroll information for duplicate first deposit username and passwords and repeated Community Security statistics or addresses.
  • If direct deposit is explicitly used, require employees to pick up their paychecks personally with photography ID at least once per thecalendar year at recruiting or another chosen department.

Please note that many banks provide a real payroll service where check volumes, amounts and employee brands supplied by the business are examined against any inbound payroll check.

It is also a great idea to outsource their payroll to a company, especially smaller businesses.

Inflated Bills and Falsified Time Sheets

This is a different type of payroll fraud that will require quality internal controls and prevention methods. Have guidelines that need:

  • Proof of expense reimbursement requests,
  • Bills over a certain amount to obtain management approval pre-purchase,
  • Approval for significant rises in work hours exceeding an employee’s common

Be sure to audit these fads on a regular but controllable basis. Don’t allow the people who process requests for price reimbursement or overtime to concern payments.


Before using inside control to avoid fraudulence, you must examine resources to make sure you have enough employees to achieve separation of responsibilities. If this is not the case, you should think about outsourcing your payroll responsibilities.

If you have further questions regarding payroll service fraud, please give check to us

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6 Tools to Make Payroll Easier October 8, 2017

Payroll Easier

Payroll can be complicated, mainly if you are not payroll services Australia. To perform payroll, you have to know about taxes, other deductions, repayment options, recordkeeping, plus more. Thankfully, there are methods for you to make payroll simpler. By using basic payroll tools, you can save time and prevent stress.

Useful payroll tools

Below are six payroll tools you can use to make payroll simpler.

Payroll Software

Payroll software is by far the most useful payroll tool you may use. It can take many payroll tasks out of your hands.

The payroll software can do all calculations for you. It will total worker hours, calculate gross salary, and subtract fees and other deductions. With payroll software, you do not need to fret about miscalculations.

You can even pay employees through the payroll service software. You can print payroll bank checks and pay stubs straight from the program.

Tax Processing Service

You need to pay and record payroll taxes by specific schedules. These dates do not always match because you likely must deposit more often than you document tax forms. With all the partners to keep in mind, you can miss them.

Using a taxes filing service can help.  Often, your payroll software company will have payroll services with tax filing for a supplementary fee.

Cloud Record Storage

You are required to keep payroll service details for certain levels of time. However, keeping track of payroll records for each employee can be considered a hassle. You may conclude with filing cupboards full of paperwork that are difficult to find though.

By using a cloud record storage area service, you may make your business more structured. You can store payroll files in the cloud, indicating you do not need drawers filled with papers.

You can even show documents with your employees through the recordkeeping software.

Timekeeping Software

It usually takes much time to keep track of the time employee’s work, especially if you have nonexempt employees. Small business time and presence software can help you understand when and exactly how much employees work and that means you can accurately run payroll service.

With timekeeping software, you can enter enough time your employees work. Alternatively, you can have employees time in and time out.

  1. Direct deposit

Direct deposit is a simple way to pay employees. There are many benefits of direct first deposit. It’s paperless, meaning you do not need to give employees a physical check. Each employee’s salary is automatically taken from your business bank account and deposited in their bankaccount. Employees need not go anywhere to collect their pay.

You can set up direct first deposit through your standard bank, apayroll provider, or another direct deposit company. Payroll services Australia might provide afree direct deposit.

  1. Calendar

A calendar might seem to be strange set alongside the other items in this list. However,a schedule is undoubtedlya handy payroll tool.

By establishing a payroll calendar, you will keep track of crucial payroll times. You can include if you want to run your payroll services Australia, pay your fees, and file varieties. You can even set up notifications that remind you when deadlines are approaching. Visit for detail:

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